Malligadu MarriAge Bureau Full Length Telugu Movie || DVD Rip

Cast: srikanthMeka, brahmanandam, .
Malligadu MarriAge Bureau Scenes - Chotu Going To Tank Bund For His Lover Movie: Malligadu MarriAge Bureau Cast: Srikanth, Manochitra, Brahmanandam, Director: Uday Raj, Music Director: Raghu Ram, Producer: Mallela Sitaramaraju. Songs: MarriAges are made in heaven Kantireppa kottes kunde Okkasari Oppuko Nallani Kautuka Plot: Malligadu MarriAge Bureau is a complete comedy entertainer movie in which, Srikanth playing a full length comedy role after a long time pairing with Manochitra. Brahmanandam will be playing an important role in this movie. Uday Raj directing this movie under Mallela Sitamaraju production banner. Raghu Ram scored music for this movie Watch More Latest Movies Subscribe @