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Cast: SarvadamanBanerjee, suhasini, .
Movie: Sirivennela Starring: Sarvadaman Banerjee, Suhasini, Moon Moon Sen, Meena, S. K. Misro, Directed by: K. Viswanath, Music by: K. V. Mahadevan, Hariprasad Chaurasia (flute renderings), Sivamani (drums), Produced by: Ch. Ramakrishna Reddy, N. Bhaskara Reddy, U. Chinaveerraju, Release date(s): May 20, 1986. Plot: The movie revolves around Pandit Hari Prasad (Sarvadaman Banerjee), a blind flutist and a painter Subhashini (Suhasini) who is mute. Hari Prasad lives with his only sister in a villAge which is also a minor tourist attraction. He makes a living by playing flute and entertaining the tourists. His life changes dramatically once Jyothirmayi (Moon Moon Sen) comes there and hears his musical talent, and helps him reach high standards in classical music, in the process Hari prasad falls in love with Jyothirmayi. Years pass by and Hari Prasad becomes one of the greatest flutists in India; he develops feelings towards Jyothirmayi to whom he dedicates all his albums. At the same time, Subhashini develops deep affection towards Hari Prasad and expresses it through her paintings. However, the traumatic past of Jyothirmayi, being a strumpet woman, develops love towards Hari Prasad, turns out into a tragic end, as Jyothirmayi commits suicide, she donates her eyes to hariprasad, making her last wish to see him live with Subhashini forever. Songs: 01. Vidhata Thalapuna 02. Chandamama raave 03. Ee gali ee nela 04. Merise Taralone 05. Prakruthi Kanthaku 06. Chinuku Chinuku 07. Patallo 08. Polimeradhatipothunna 09. Adibhikshuvu Vadinedi Koredhi Watch more movies @