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Cast: gopichandTottempudi, bhavana, ali, .
Ontari Full Length Telugu Movie Movie: Ontari, Cast: Gopichand, Bhavana, Ali, Sunil, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde Director: B V Ramana, Music: Mani Sharma, Producer: Pokuri Babu Rao, Release Dates: Feb 14, 2008. Songs 1.Ararey Yemaindi 2.Chepaalanundh 3.Warre Warre 4.Nee Jimmada 5.O Maare O Maare 6.Lakshmi Ksheera Samudra Story Vamsi(Gopichand) falls in love with Bujji(Bhavana), who is an orphan studying B.Sc. He teases Bujji by introducing himself as CBI officer, because she cheats Vamsi’s brother and takes 15,000 rupees to help for a child and later she returns the money to him. By seeing her attitude and smartness, Vamsi falls for her and proposes. He introduces her to his parents and decides to marry her.Vamsi kicks out two local goons Ajay and Mahankali(Ashish Vidyarthi), who teases Bujji. In order to take revenge on him, Mahankali kidnaps Bujji with the help of Raghava (Rajiv Kanakala), an MLA and Vamsi’s best friend. Raghava stabs Vamsi to become minister with the support of Mahankali, Bujji gets raped by Ajay in front of Vamsi and commits suicide. Then Vamsi takes revenge on Raghava, Ajay and Mahankali with the help of a special police officer. At last, Vamsi remains Ontari. Watch More Latest Movies Subscribe @ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHI0PxjdAZfVIHr04z-S4nw?feature=watch